Pre-Order: BB10LED 10 button box with gear indicator

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We are pleased to announce the launch of the BB10LED, with 6 push buttons, 4 switches (under cool red missile covers) and a stunning 8x8 dot matrix LED display which with a little trickery shows in real time your gear changes (it even flashes when you need to shift up!).

  • 6 push buttons
  • 4 toggle switches
  • Switches under red translucent 'missile' covers
  • 8x8 dot matrix LED display
  • Carbon fibre effect finish to top plate

2x USB ports required and SimHub software for setting up the gear indicator.
The button box element remains plug and play!

Approx dimensions: 193 x 113 x 62mm

10 day lead time while in pre-order.
Images are approximate mock-up. Not to scale.

Downloads required: 
Driver download  
SimHub download